[solved] PHPMyAdmin – PMA_Message class not found error

phpMyAdmin logo Français : Logo de phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin logo Français : Logo de phpMyAdmin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a very very (yes a lot) long time since I pinch in something on my blog, I will definitely try to keep up here after.

Okay, to the problem really quick, I got the following error from PHPMyAdmin – a weird one.

ClassPMA_Messagenot found in /usr/share/phpmyadmin/libraries/Message.class.php on line 732

It was driving me crazy WHY? because I never thought I will get a problem to fix something with PHPMyAdmin, after a search I got a hint to fix the above problem. This solution was not helpful since my permission to session folder was OKAY, it is accessible/writable by Apache, this is crazy (challenging).

After hitting my head with questions around sessions, I got a weird idea to see if the space is available for PHP to create sessions – gotcha, that is where my problem was. I cleaned up some unnecessary items and all went well.

Wanted to post this little information for those who are going mad like how I was.

Note: Sorry if I bore some of the users who always see a PROBLEM/PROBLEM & PROBLEM in my blog, I will try to write something different ie., other than technology.

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  1. PHPMyAdmin Error: Class 'PMA_Message' not found – GNU What I'm Saying? GNU What I'm Saying?

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