Ego – One of the dangerous and best word which can teach you many things in life – when you have EGO you will find the person as intelligent and when you don’t have EGO you will find the person as mentor – strange isn’t? Today I came across with one of the blog while trying to search for something else, thought I should share and so many understand from it. Here in a blog which gives the definition for `ego` and the author also coves some of his tips which will help us fight with it.

Ego a characteristic in an individual that forces them to consider the ‘I’ before ‘we’. It persuades someone to give importance to his or her own self over others in an attempt to establish supremacy. Each one of us has an ego and from time to time it overpowers us, usually and unfortunately during a sensitive situation in our lives.

I hope you find this very useful and let’s KICK EGO out of our way, live a happy life. SHAREsome and learnMORE.


One thought on “Ego

  1. I recently wrote the following item:

    which set me off wondering what other people had said recently, I wonder if there isn’t just a confusion of terms here and there, since Freud certainly thought about the ego in terms of negotiating between the needs of an individual, and the needs of others.

    I think that there are a lot confused ideas about ego and often the ‘guru’ is one who has a better balance than others, e.g. M.K.Ghandi.

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