[SOLUTION] – Linux – SSH Connection Refused due to non-existence of /dev/urandom

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Today one of our production machine (in Amazon EC2) was down and I couldn’t bring-up the instance due to unavailability of SSH in PORT 22, connection was refused and I had no clue what to do, after sometime I was able to bring-up the instance – (ok short and sweet).

Though I got it working after some work-around, I wanted to make sure what I did was correct, hence I asked experts in stackoverflow.com – got good advice/suggestion and I hope all set for a fix. BTW, the answer on the question also helped in learning a new stuff called auditd on the disk – a must have tool for system admin.

Okay, the reason why I wanted to pin-down this blog is to show what I did to fix /dev/urandom and how did I get the server up and running. Let me go straight to there.


I recommend any further reading require an insight knowledge of Amazon AWS – I will write some blogs about it very soon.

Luckily (I knew sometime I had to face such problems) I had an EBS instance for the production server – which allowed me to start/stop the instance. (I will follow the point based explanation)

  • I stopped the production machine.
  • Detached the root-disk (it is connected to /dev/sda1).
  • Created a micro-instance with same zone as the above volume.
  • Attached #2 volume into #3 created micro-instance.
  • Verified the logs (messages/syslog)
  • Found a problem in SSH (since I badly wanted to SSH) – which gave me an hint on sshPRNG (yes – ie. PseudoRandomNumberGenerator)
  • That helped me trace the actual problem – /dev/urandom file was missing.
  • So wrote a quick shell script which will create the above file if missing – please see below for the script.
  • Added the above script in an existing init-script – since any existing script will be triggered on system boot.
  • Detached #4 volume and attached to production machine.
  • Started the production machine – voila.
  • I can SSH now without any problem.
  • Do not forget to terminate the micro-instance 🙂
Shell Script to create device files:
if [ -f /dev/urandom ] ;
    cd /dev; /sbin/MAKEDEV urandom; /etc/init.d/ssh start
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[SOLUTION] – Linux – SSH Connection Refused due to non-existence of /dev/urandom

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