W T # A I

I am just a software nerd works for CoStrategix Inc.


“GET THINGS DONE” which is my mantra and I do follow this; getting things done – handling different projects in parallel, give solution to the folks & to anybody off-course, architect the site, design the DB, handle/monitor server (CLOUD) and write/modify scripts to scale it accordingly.

(basically) who I AM: Team Lead, Software Architect {Design Architecture [performance, best resource alloc, etc], Server, Application Developer, DB Admin, and Problem Solver}.

Strength++: Manage peoples, Architect a site, Server side includes, Efficient DB designing, Performance tuning/optimizing a server/web-site/database, SEO implementation, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Agile methodology (SCRUM).


a “growing” Software Engineer :-), got a plate with `lots of things to learn & implement` – which is something I love always. Did an excellent research on various technologies, implementing and providing the solutions.

what I AM: Sr. Software Analyst, DB Designer, & Trainer.

Strength+: Became strong in research, learning and implementing, Knowledge base sharing(blogs, forums), Teaching the stuffs to others, Understanding Linux (server), REST Methodology, API Implementation and lengthy list of technologies…

Early days….

Got into web-development, learned a step by step process with implementing a site, working around JavaScript/Ajax/PHP. With a span of six months got into `Head of Technology`, wanted to excel more in different web technology tools, languages and scripts & decided to jump to some other company landed in CoStrategix Inc.

Strength: Research on any items, Learned strong analytical thinking and understood the power of web & it’s technologies.


Never ends :-).

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