Notes on Managing Remote Teams


The node.js services team we built at Walmart received a lot of attention for our open source contributions and for pushing node forward in the enterprise. What gets little attention is the success we had in building and managing a distributed team.

The following notes are based on over six years of firsthand experience with remote teams during which I’ve spent 3 years as a remote employee and over 3 years building and managing a remote team. Since these notes are based on my personal experience alone, they do not assert any industry-wide conclusions on the effectiveness of remote work and remote teams. However, I think that these notes will help guide you in deciding whether remote work is suitable for your needs and culture, and how to be successful at it.

The Walmart Mobile Services team included between 2 to 20 people over three and a half years, both…

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Notes on Managing Remote Teams

I want to become an “Agile Developer”

Agile – there is a lot of talks going around in the technology market “Agile Development”, “Agile Methodology”, ” Agile Developer”, “Agile”, “Agile”,,,,, stop it man, let’s see what’s all the hype about. Agile is a different way of approaching the problem in software development and it’s about getting the project complete (get things done) in an efficient way and on time.

I know I’ve a very good experience in software development but definitely not in an Agile Development and this is a new topic creating hype in the market and off-course it’s one of the best development methodologies I have come to know off. So what’s next?, I want to be an Agile Developer too, not only because it’s hyped or it’s the best but it’s something new to me and I want to learn. We follow “SCRUM” in my company which is one of the agile development, hence, it’s an attempt to be the best in this process.

I got the chance to read a book on Agile Developer

The Seven Pillars of an Agile Developer
The Seven Pillars of an Agile Developer (Photo credit: alandd)

, I recommend reading (“Practices of an Agile Developer” by Venkat Subramanian and Andy Hunt from a pragmatic bookshelf release – you can buy this from amazon) for a detail understanding. After reading the book, it’s clear and I have no doubt that I can say I am an Agile Developer.

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I want to become an “Agile Developer”