Cron(tab)(job) or Daemon in LINUX

I want to run a task frequently with auto-trigger?

I want to perform some task without HTTP protocol?

I want to generate a report as a background process?

I don’t want my web-app (heavy traffic) hang for a while to resize (process) a large image?

I want to process some of my maths (apps/requirements) to run in parallel to show the users data very fast.

I want to create a scheduled backups for my server?

lists goes on….

First thing which comes into most of our mind is cron-job or a daemon script which will take away some of the load of any particular task, a quick example:-

Let’s say one of your web-site gives the user to upload any kind of image of any size and the site will cut/resize them into different pieces which they can use it for different purpose.

As a provider you definitely don’t want to slow down your web-site due to heavy amount of data goes into your server – think if 100 people uploading 10MB of an image each & your script will have to cut them into various sizes which is more than enough to bring down your server so fast.

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Cron(tab)(job) or Daemon in LINUX