INSTALL (SETUP) DEBIAN Linux OS for Development/Production – A Day with SETUP

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Today I am going to talk about only installation of tools/apps required for LINUX Server. I have chosen DEBIAN, since it makes you intelligent ;-).

Okay, cool, now? First thing you have to buy a hosting space, there are quite a good people who provide this service – do a quick Google.

OKAY – Now let’s say you have got the hosting space and you have selected the DEBIAN (LENNY) OS and logged into the machine – remember DEBIAN is for intelligent & its not for human-beings means most of the tools/apps will require a separate installation. You have to dive deeper to figure out the tools you want and install them – this is interesting because it let’s you know things :-).

This blog post is recommended for those users who knows about LINUX SERVER & shouldn’t find the meaning of Debian in the dictionary.

Let’s get the server ready……

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INSTALL (SETUP) DEBIAN Linux OS for Development/Production – A Day with SETUP


how does mail works
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Most of us very well know about mail() provided by PHP which will help us send an email.Okay? Whats the point? Why is this blog? What’s new? Yeah, yeah, I will get to it straight. I am not going to say anything new here, but a little bit of information about how to avoid return-path problem in sending an email.

Recently I was working on a bug which took almost 4 hour for me crack and fix it. It was like this bug was telling:- can you fix me dude? Do you really think you can? I was like going mad and said yes you dirty-bug I am gonna fix you soon.

The problem was mail() function was delivering the email to all of the TO, CC, & BCC to all the people in the list except the client people’s address – this is blocker, the people who suppose to receive this email were not getting it. Wow isn’t.

I was like going mad, I could receive my email to my official ID, gmail ID, yahoo ID, etc and I also checked the IP of the email server is not in any of the blacklisted softwares.

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