INSTALL (SETUP) DEBIAN Linux OS for Development/Production – A Day with SETUP

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Today I am going to talk about only installation of tools/apps required for LINUX Server. I have chosen DEBIAN, since it makes you intelligent ;-).

Okay, cool, now? First thing you have to buy a hosting space, there are quite a good people who provide this service – do a quick Google.

OKAY – Now let’s say you have got the hosting space and you have selected the DEBIAN (LENNY) OS and logged into the machine – remember DEBIAN is for intelligent & its not for human-beings means most of the tools/apps will require a separate installation. You have to dive deeper to figure out the tools you want and install them – this is interesting because it let’s you know things :-).

This blog post is recommended for those users who knows about LINUX SERVER & shouldn’t find the meaning of Debian in the dictionary.

Let’s get the server ready……

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INSTALL (SETUP) DEBIAN Linux OS for Development/Production – A Day with SETUP

AJAX beauty – AJAX Request ABORTing – How To

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And Xml) – most of us know how better we can use this and how much it can help us in our project. To give you a brief intro on AJAX – getting many things (information, data, etc) in an ASYNCHRONOUS (easy) way meaning “without refreshing the page” – I suggest you read this article ( to understand AJAX in detail. I recommend this article for people who understands AJAX.

For Experts:

AJAX is normally processed asynchronously we may have situations where we want to stop waiting for the responce to come back from the server because it is no longer relevant.

For Beginners:

Ok, what is this POST all about? I said “ajax.abort” – we know using AJAX we can get many information, data, etc….asynchronously by creating multiple javascript-calls and each calls will be responsible to get an information sent from the server – see I said multiple calls that means we can’t rely on response-time. Information you get from these calls can be mixed, we can’t guarantee that we will get the response on time for every request it depends on various things – some might come faster some might come slower. Having said that, either you might be confused to associate the data to their calls or the data is no longer relevant.

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AJAX beauty – AJAX Request ABORTing – How To

Installing ImageMagick in Linux CentOS with YUM

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It may look simple when you read the label, but it has a capability to ruin your life. Yeah man!, try to install the latest version of ImageMagick-6.5 in your Linux (remember it’s not windows) OS which will throw a big list of dependency (packages) failures.

As is always the case with RedHat, Fedora and CentOS (may be more), a number of packages in the usual yum repositories lack heavily behind the advancements made by their authors and teams. One such package is ImageMagick, which has the version of 6.2.8 in repositories whereas the latest version is 6.5.

Recently we had to upgrade this package to the latest for one of our image manipulation project, since the latest version had several improvements with the image processing. Most of the time I just go and upgrade the existing repositories, search for the new repositories, then see if anything helps me out, naaaa, none of these procedure will helped me.

Finally, I wanted to give a chance to ImageMagick’s source, I download the latest version, uncompressed then compiled it, which thrown me a big list of errors, which is obvious 🙂 . I started looking at errors and came up with the list of dependencies it lacks (which is normal for any Linux OS), most of them are devel libraries (see below).

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Installing ImageMagick in Linux CentOS with YUM